Alpha: Searching for More?

Sundays, Sept 18-Nov 13, (5:30-7:15 PM) in the Student Building

Alpha is an eight week course to explore the basics of the Christian faith.  

Are you interested about investigating your purpose of life, the claims of Jesus and more!

A $5.00 Recommended Donation

helps cover the cost of home cooked & catered meals

An evening at Alpha includes: 

  • Dinner: We share a meal and conversation together around the table.
  • A Talk: A thought-provoking video is given on an aspect of the Christian faith
  • Small Group Discussion: Everyone has an opportunity to ask questions and make comments in an open and friendly setting.

No question is too simple, too difficult or off limits.  All viewpoints are respected. Alpha is for everyone

  • Are you interested in investigation the Christian faith?
  • Are you new to the church?
  • Are you a new follower of Christ?
  • Would you like to brush up on the basics?

Alpha Schedule Fall 2016

Week 1 - September 18: Is There More to Life Than This?

Week 2 - September 25: Who is Jesus?

Week 3 - October 2: Why Did Jesus Die?

Week 4 - October 9: How Can I Have Faith?

No Meeting - October 16: All-Church Movie Night: "Priceless"

Week 5 - October 23: Why and How Do I Pray?

Week 6 - October 30: Why and How Do I Read the Bible?

Week 7 - November 6: How Does God Guide Us?

Week 8 - November 13: How Can I Resist Evil?