Life Group Questions for 10-14-12

Luke 1:57-80

What does it mean?

1. What has Luke told us about Elizabeth and Zechariah so far in chapter

2. Why does Luke give us all the details following Johns birth (circumcised, naming, etc.)?

3. Why is the name "John" so important and connected to Zechariah ability
to speak?

4. What were the people in 'wonder' of?  Is there a difference between wonder and fear in vs. 63 and 65?

5. What's the ultimate result of John's birth and Zechariah's prophecy?

6. Why do you think Luke includes Zechariah being "filled with the Holy
Spirit" before his prophecy?

7. What are the big ideas of his prophecy?

8. How are the terms "salvation" and "rescue" used in Zechariah's
prophecy? (1:69, 71, 74, 77). Do they speak of military or spiritual

9. Luke's 1st story and last story in chapter 1 are about Zechariah, what's changed in this man between these 2 accounts?

10. How would you entitle this episode of Luke (what's the Big Idea)?


How does it apply?

1. Describe an experience of God's grace which came despite your failure or lack of faith.

2. Think of a time of doubt in your life.  What was it that caused your doubting?  What helped you stop your doubting?

3. Has there ever been a time where someone else's experience of God's
grace encouraged and challenged your faith?  Share.

4. Have you ever been able to be like Zechariah, and prophecy/testify of God's grace and goodness? Explain.

5. Is there an area right now where you could use some more certainty of God's grace and goodness?

6. What would it look like if you could be more certain of God's grace and goodness in your life.


Download the questions here.