Life Group Questions for 10-21-12

Luke 2:1-21

What does it mean?

1. Why does Luke mention Caesar Augustus and Quirinius?

2. Why does Luke mention David three times in this narrative?

3. Why do you think God had Jesus be born in such humble surroundings?

4. Why is Bethlehem as Jesus’ birthplace important?

5. Why do you think Joseph has so little mention?

6. Why do you think the angel made the announcement to shepherds?  What is their role in this narrative from Luke’s perspective?

7. What was the “good news of great joy”?

8. What did the angel mean by “Savior”?  “Christ”?  “Lord”?

9. What was the significance of the swaddling cloths?

10. How would you summarize the essence of the angel choir’s chorus?

11. What specifically do you think Mary “pondered”?

12. How would you summarize Luke’s big idea in this passage, 2:1-21?

How does it apply?

1. How did you first learn of Jesus’ birth?

2. When did it first occur to you that Jesus’ birth was a miracle?  What happened?

3. Has there ever been a time when it was difficult for you to accept intellectually the reality of the virgin birth?  How did you come to embrace it?

4. Why is the virgin birth important to you?

5. How do you think you would you have felt if one of the shepherds had shared with you what had happened?

6. What do you least like about Christmas?

7. What do you most like about Christmas?

8. Has looking at the birth of Jesus in October been any different than in December?

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