Life Group Questions for 12-2-12


Luke 4:14-30

What does it say?



  1. What does Luke want us to understand from 4:14-15?
  2. Did the folks in the synagogue in Nazareth know Jesus?  Explain.
  3. Jesus read from Isaiah, how would you concisely paraphrase the quote, 4:18-19?
  4. After reading from Isaiah Jesus said to them, “Today this Scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing”.  What did he mean?  How had it been fulfilled?
  5. The folks “marveled” as they listened to Jesus and then asked, “Is not this Joseph’s son?”  How should we understand that question?
  6. Jesus quotes a proverb about a physician healing himself as an illustration of what the people are thinking and suggests they want him to do in Nazareth what he has done in Capernaum.  What do they want Jesus to do?
  7. Why do you think they want Jesus to do for them what he did in Capernaum?
  8. How would you summarize what Jesus believes the people are thinking?
  9. What does Jesus intend to convey by telling the people, “no prophet is acceptable in his hometown”?
  10. What is Jesus’ point about Elijah and Elisha?
  11. Why does Jesus’ reference to Elijah and Zarephath, and Elisha and Naaman tick off the people?
  12. How did Jesus get away from the folks who were trying to kill him?  Why does Luke tell us Jesus escaped?
  13. What is the big idea Luke is trying to convey in this first account of a sermon by Jesus.



How does it apply?

  1. Has there ever been a time in your life when you desired/needed more evidence that Jesus is really the Savior?  Explain.
  2. What evidence helped convince you to treasure Jesus?
  3. What right now would help you to treasure Jesus more?
  4. What could/should our church do to help more folks treasure Jesus?

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