Life Group Questions for 12-9-12

Luke 4:31-44

 What does it say?

1. What was the Big idea of Luke 4: 16-30?

2. In this week’s text, what were the people of Capernaum astonished by?  Why? (v.32)

3. What’s the point of the demon’s questions to Jesus in v. 34?  Who is the ‘us’?

4. Is there a connection between the 'rebuking' of both the demon(s) and the fever?

5. Why does Jesus (twice) tell the demon(s) to be quiet about their testifying of his Deity?

6. What is the people’s response to Jesus’ miracles (exorcism and healings)?

7. How is this response contrasted with Simon’s mother-in-law?

8. What’s the significance of Jesus laying hands on everyone who came for healing at Simon’s house?

9. What does it say about the people of Capernaum’s understanding of Jesus’ purpose that they wanted him to stay?

10. Why didn’t Jesus stay where He was so ‘loved?’

11. How does Luke frame these miraculous events (the start and the end of this narrative)?

How does it apply?

1. How does this passage reinforce the certainty in our knowledge about Jesus?

2. In what ways have you responded to Jesus: like the people of Nazareth?  Like the People of Capernaum?  Like the demons?  Like Simon’s mother-in-law?  Give examples.

3. Have you ever seen Jesus’ 'healing touch'?  What was it like?  What did it do for your faith?

4. Have you ever missed the message because of the ‘miracles’?  Describe a time in your life where you were more enamored with the gifts than with the giver.

5. How does knowing about Jesus' authority and power and also about his compassion and caring affect the way we relate to Jesus (how we see him, how we come to him, etc.)?

6. What aspects of Jesus' example in this passage do you feel God wants you to follow (Teaching, Healing, Casting out demons, Evangelizing…)?  How can you do this?

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