Life Group Questions for 1-13-13

Luke 5:12-26

What does it Say?

1. What prompted the leper to pursue healing from Jesus?

2. Why did Jesus tell him not to tell anyone?

3. Why was the healed leper commanded by Jesus to go to the priest?

4. Why did Jesus withdraw from the people?

5. What moved the men to bring their paralytic friend to Jesus?

6. Why did they go through the roof?

7. Why did Jesus say to the paralytic, “Man, your sins are forgiven”?

8. What do you think the paralytic expected Jesus to say?

9. What accusation is implied in the questions of the scribes and Pharisees addressed to Jesus (5:21)?

10. Jesus responds to the religious leader’s questions with a question of his own, “Which is easier to say, ‘Your sins are forgiven you,’ or to say, ‘rise up and walk’”?  Is Jesus really asking a question?  Explain.  Paraphrase what idea you think Jesus is trying to communicate with these questions.

11. Luke tells us they we were “all” amazed, glorified God and were filled with awe.  What amazed them?

12. How would you summarize the big idea of Luke’s recounting of these 2 healings?


How Does it Apply?

1. To what degree of certainty do you believe that Jesus actually did the miracles recorded in Scripture?  How is that certainty experienced and expressed in your life?

2. Have you, or have you known anyone personally who has been miraculously healed?

3. Do you think Jesus wants to heal people today?  Explain.

4. Being as concise as you can, why do you think Jesus healed people when he walked the earth?

5. In what ways has God brought healing to your life thus far?

6. If Jesus were physically standing next to you and asked, “Where in your life would you like to be healed?”   What would you say?

7. As we pray for one another’s healing, what motive do you think brings God the most glory?


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