Life Group Questions for 1-20-13

Luke 5:27-32

What does it say?

1. How would you summarize what Luke was trying to convey in 5:17-26?

2. Jesus said to Levi, “Follow me”.  Why do you think Levi left “everything” and followed Jesus?

3. When Levi left “everything”, what precisely did he leave?  What is Luke trying to convey by telling us Levi (Peter earlier) left “everything” and followed Jesus?

4. Why did Levi throw the party?

5. What is the essence of the accusation implied in the Pharisee’s and scribe’s question about eating with tax collectors and sinners?

6. Jesus, not the disciples answers the question.  In your own words what is Jesus telling them?

7. How do you think the Pharisees understood Jesus’ response to their question?

8. What is Luke’s big idea in 5:27-32?

How does it apply?

1. When you were first introduced to Jesus were you encouraged to “leave” anything behind?  Explain.

2. Do you think it’s possible to “follow Jesus” without leaving “everything” behind as Luke intends us to understand it?  Explain.

3. What motivated you to follow Jesus?

4. When you think about evangelism, what emotions do you experience?

5. How successful do you feel you are at evangelism?  Explain.

6. Why do you think more folks don’t share more freely about Jesus?

7. What do you think would encourage more people to more joyfully share Jesus’ love with others?

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