Life Group Questions for 1-27-13

Luke 5:33-39

What does it say?

1. What was the big idea of 5:27-32?

2. Who specifically, is the “they” in 5:33?

3. What is the implied accusation in the statement in 5:33?

4. What is Jesus’ point about the bridegroom being with them?  How does not fasting relate?

5. What days do you think Jesus is referring to when he says the bridegroom will be taken away and fasting will be appropriate?  What event is Jesus pointing towards?

6. What is Jesus trying to convey with the parable about the patch from the new garment and the old garment being sewn together?

7. The new wine in old wineskins, a different point than the one he made talking about garments?  Explain.

8. When Jesus makes reference to folks who say, “The old is good”, is the old really good.  Explain what Jesus means here?

9. How would you summarize the big idea of this passage, 5:33-39?  What exactly is the old garment, old wineskins and old wine?  What is the new?

10. It feels like a warning. What is Jesus’ warning?

How does it apply?

1. Growing up, what practices, spiritual disciplines, or behaviors did you associate with authentic Christianity?  How do you think they related to Christianity?

2. How do you view those same practices, spiritual disciplines and behaviors today?

3. How should genuine faith in Christ get expressed?  How can we recognize authentic faith in our own life or in another’s?  (Hint:  How has Luke described it thus far?)

4. How can we know for sure we are actually enjoying the new garment, the new wineskins, the new wine?

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