Life Group Questions for October 20, 2013

Luke 9:43b-50
What does it mean?

1. What is the big idea of chapter 9?

2. What were they “marveling” about?

3. Jesus tells them he is going to be “delivered into the hands of men.”  What’s He talking about?

4. What didn’t they understand about what Jesus said?  Be precise.

5. How was their understanding concealed?

6. How were the disciples measuring their “greatness”?

7. In what sense is receiving a child receiving Jesus?

8. How does being the least make one great?

9. Why did the disciples stop the others from casting out demons?

10.  Why did Jesus tell the disciples to not stop others from casting out demons?

11. What is Luke’s flow of thought in these 3 paragraphs?  How do the ideas link?

How does it apply?

1. How do you feel when you contemplate Jesus’ limitless power and yet His willingness to humbly submit to dying for us?

2. Are there times when you are tempted to compare yourself to others?  In what contexts?   When you compare, do you tend more often to think of yourself as better or worse than others?  How would Jesus have you think of yourself?

3. How does your understanding of Jesus’ humility impact the way you see yourself?  The way you see others?

4. As you have grown in your faith, have you noticed your perspective of others as well as the way you treat them changing?  How?

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