Life Group Questions for Oct. 27, 2013

Luke 9:51-56
What does it mean?

 1. What has been Luke’s flow of thought through chapter 9 to this point?

2. What does it mean that Jesus had ”set his face to go to Jerusalem”?

3. What preparations were the disciples making for Jesus?

4. Why didn’t the Samaritans “receive” Jesus?  Be as precise as you can.

5. How do the disciples respond to the rejection of Jesus by the Samaritans?

6. For what does Jesus rebuke the disciples?  Be precise.

7. What is Luke’s big idea in this paragraph?

8. How does the big idea here fit with Luke’s flow of thought in chapter 9?

How does it apply?

1. Jesus has told us, “Do not judge”.  In this text He rebukes the disciples for desiring to call down judgment.  What is the difference between making “assessments” and “judging” in the sense that Jesus forbids?

2. Have you ever felt judged by someone else?  What happened?  How did you respond?

3. Are there times when you are tempted to judge others?  Explain?

4. When you find yourself judging someone else, do you usually express it?  How?

5. What do you think you can do to diminish a judging attitude?

6. What can we do to help someone else who seems to have a judging spirit?

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