Life Group Questions for Nov. 3, 2013

Luke 9:57-62
What does it mean?

1. What was Luke’s big idea in 9:51-56?

2. A man says he will follow Jesus and Jesus responds by talking about foxes and birds.  What is Jesus’ point?

3. What relevance does Jesus not having a home have for the man with whom He is speaking?

4. A second man requests to go bury his father before following Jesus.   Does Jesus’ response seem unfeeling?  Explain.

5. Why does Jesus not permit the man to bury his father?

6. Who specifically are the dead that are supposed to bury the dead?

7. What is the man supposed to do rather than bury his father?

8. The third individual desires to say goodbye to his family before following Jesus.  Does Jesus’ response seem uncaring?  Explain.

9. What does Jesus mean by talking about the plow?

10. How would you summarize what Luke is trying to convey by telling us about these interactions he has with three different individuals?  Is there a common theme?   How would you express it?

How does it apply?

1. Is Jesus saying that if we are following Him we shouldn’t own a home?  Explain.

2. Is Jesus saying we shouldn’t go to funerals or say goodbye to family?  Explain.

3. When you think about following Christ, about treasuring Jesus above all else, what is that most competes with Jesus for your greatest affection?

4. What motivates you to follow Jesus?

5. What have you found increases your motivation to follow Jesus?

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