Life Group Questions for 11-10-13

Luke 10:1-20
What does it mean?

1. How would you summarize Luke’s flow of thought of big ideas through chapter 9?

2. Jesus sends out 72 people to do what?  What’s the relevance of Jesus sending out more folks than just the disciples to prepare for Him?

3. What does Jesus mean by “the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few”?

4. Why are they not to carry a moneybag, knapsack,, sandals, and greet no one?

5. They are to treat those who welcome them differently from those who do not welcome them.  Specifically, what are the differences?  Why are they to respond in such distinct ways depending on the reception they receive?

6. Jesus speaks in some pretty harsh terms about the responses people from certain communities have already given Him.  Why does He share that with the 72 as He is preparing them to go out?

7. The last recorded statement of Jesus as He sends out the 72 is in 10:16.  What does Jesus want the 72 to take away from His comments here?

8. The 72 returned “with joy”.  Why?

9. What is Jesus’ point about Satan falling like lightning from heaven?

10. The 72 are happy about the power Jesus has granted them, yet Jesus tells them they should be finding even greater joy where?

11. How would you in one sentence paraphrase Luke’s big idea in these verses?

12. How does Luke’s big idea in these verses fit with his flow of thought thus far in chapter 9?

How does it apply?

1. Who first shared Jesus with you?  How?  What was your immediate response?

2. Luke wants us to see that those who follow Jesus go and spread the good news about Him.  What do you find to be the biggest hindrance to your promoting the gospel more confidently and more regularly?

3. If you were to share with someone who doesn’t treasure Jesus the biggest difference Jesus has made, is making in your life, what would you share?

4. How often do you think about spending eternity with Jesus?  What comes to mind?  How do you feel?  Does this motivate you to share Jesus with others?  Explain.

5. What do you think would make it easier, more fun to share Jesus with others?


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