Life Group Questions for Dec. 15, 2013

Luke 11:14-28
What does it mean?

1. Jesus casts a demon out of a man.  What are the 3 different responses Luke mentions?

2. Why does Jesus talk about divided kingdoms fighting against themselves and falling?  What’s His point?

3. Jesus also asks, “And if I cast out demons by Beelzebul, by whom do your sons cast them out?”  What is Jesus asking?

4. Then Jesus says, that if rather it’s by the finger of God that He casts demons out, then the kingdom has come upon them.  What does Jesus mean?

5. What is the flow of Jesus’ logic?

6. Who is the strong man?  Who is the stronger man?  What is Jesus talking about?

7. “Whoever is not with me is against me….”  How does that fit with everything else Jesus is saying here?

8. Why does the unclean spirit that left the person return to him and bring seven others with him?

9. After the eight demons enter the man, his state is worse that before.  What is Jesus’ point?

10. Finally a woman comes up to Jesus and talks about how blessed His mother was to have bore Him.  But Jesus emphasizes that the truly blessed are those who “hear the word of God and keep it.”  What does it mean to “hear the word and keep it”?

11. What does it mean to be “blessed”?

12. How do these 3 paragraphs connect to one another?

13. How would you summarize the big idea of this passage?

How does it apply?

1. When did you decide to follow Jesus?

2. What really motivated you to choose to follow Jesus?

3. Are there times when you doubt whether or not you are following Jesus?  What causes you to doubt?  What do you do with your doubts?

4. What are the benefits you are enjoying because you are following Jesus?

5. What have you found encourages you to follow Jesus more enthusiastically?

6. As we enter the Christmas holidays, what insight about Jesus from Luke, has most encouraged your faith in the last year?

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