Life Group Questions for Dec. 8, 2013

Luke 11:1-13
What does it mean?

1. What was the big idea from last week’s text?  Why do you think Luke puts this text immediately following?

2. How would you summarize the prayer in vs. 2-4? 

3. What is the significance of Jesus saying ‘When’ you pray, and not ‘if’ you pray?

4. What is the significance of addressing our prayers to our “Father…” in vs. 2 and 11?

5. What does it mean to ‘hallow’ God’s name?

6. How is Luke using the story of the ‘friend at midnight?’  How would you state the big idea of that story?

7. What is it that everyone who asks receives, finds, and has opened to them in v. 9?

8. Who is it that is ‘evil?’

9. What is the difference between the ‘good gifts’ that parents give and the Holy Spirit that God gives?

10. How would you summarize Jesus’ teaching on prayer?

 How does it apply?

1. Rate your prayer life on a scale of 1—10.  Where is it lacking, where is it strong, how could it be better?

2. How often do we pray that God’s name would magnified, glorified, lifted up, celebrated? 

3. How is God glorified in our praying to Him?  How do we ‘hallow’ His name?

4. How much do we depend on God for the ordinary, mundane, everyday stuff of life?

5. What would encourage you to pray more, and to pray more boldly?

6. What would the ‘shamelessness’ of the friend at midnight look like in our prayer lives?  How would it change our prayers?

 Download the questions here