Life Group Questions for Feb. 17, 2013

Luke 6:17-26

What does it mean?

1. How would you summarize 6:17-19?

2. In what sense does Jesus mean the poor are blessed?  How is the kingdom of God theirs?  What is the kingdom of God?

3. Does Jesus mean “hungry” physically or spiritually?  When will they be satisfied?

4. When will the weeping laugh?  Why will they eventually laugh?

5. Why are people blessed that are hated according to Jesus?

6. According to Jesus, what’s wrong with being rich?  Is Jesus saying it’s bad to have money?

7. Who are those that are full?

8. Why will those who laugh now mourn and weep later?

9. Why should we be warned if people are speaking well of us?

10. If you were to paraphrase all the beatitudes and woes into one sentence, what would it be?

How does it apply?

1. Do you think it’s sinful to be rich?  Is it more godly to be poor?  Explain.

2. Jesus tells that we are blessed if we weep now (6:21) and that we are to rejoice in that day and leap for joy (6.23).  How do we weep and leap for joy simultaneously?

3. Should we seek out poverty, hunger and suffering in order to be blessed?

4. If we are rich, full, laughing now and having people speak well of us, what should we do?

5. When you feel, poor, hungry, sad and misunderstood, or even hated, do you feel blessed?  Explain.

6. When are you most tempted to feel independent and self-sufficient?

7. How do we maintain a healthy sense of dependence on God?

 Download the questions here.