Life Group Questions for Feb. 24, 2013

Luke 6:27-36

What does it mean?

1. What was the big idea of 6:20-26?

2. Who do you think Jesus means by “enemies’?  Who specifically is he talking about?

3. When he says “Love your enemies”.  What specifically does he mean by “love”?

4. When someone strikes us on the cheek, are we really supposed to turn the other?

5. Are we really not supposed to get things back from people who take our stuff?

6. How does verse 31 fit with what Jesus has just said?

7. We are supposed to love, do good and lend to those we love, but why would Jesus tell us that we receive no benefit from those acts because’ “even sinners do the same”?  What point is he making?  What benefit would we be missing?

8. What reward is Jesus talking about when he says our “reward will be great”?  How do we get it?

9. How does loving our enemies make us “sons of the Most High”?

10. Why is it important for us to “be merciful, even as your Father is merciful”?

11. How would you paraphrase 6:27-36?

How does it apply?

1. Describe a time when someone you treated like they were an enemy loved you anyway?  What happened?  How did you respond to their love?

2. Describe a time when you witnessed someone else respond to being hated by expressing love to the one who was expressing the hatred.  What happened?  How did you think and feel about the person who responded with love?

3. Do you think ‘loving” our enemies has primarily to do with our actions or feelings or both?

4. If we define an enemy as “anyone who finds joy if our joy is diminished”, do you have any enemies?  Do you sense anyone feels that way about you?  Do you interact with this person?  If you do, how do you feel during the interactions?  How do you treat them?

5. Is there anyone you would find some joy in a diminishing of their joy?  Think hard.  Think longer.

6. Is there anyone against whom you are harboring a grudge?  Though not specifically dealt with here, how does Jesus view our holding a grudge?  What do you think he would have you do?

7. What have you found to help empower you to love those who have hurt, offended, maybe even attempted to promote a loss of joy in your life?

8. Do you think we can actually be empowered to love our enemies?  Explain.  If so, what’s the source of our power?

Download the questions here.