Life Group Questions for March 3, 2013

Luke 6:37-38

What does it mean?

1. From what Luke has told us earlier in the chapter, to whom is Jesus speaking in vs. 37-38?

2. How would you summarize vs. 36-37 together in one phrase? Now, in just one word?

3. What does it mean to judge?  What must be true of the relationship for me to judge someone?

4. If I judge someone – who is it that will judge me?  If I condemn, who will condemn me?

5. What must be true of my relationship to the one I condemn? 

6. Summarize verse 38.

7. In the context, what is the audience being called to ‘give?’

8. What is being ‘pressed down, shaken together’ that is ‘running over’ and will be poured into your lap?

9. Who is measuring back to you?

How does it apply?

1. What is the tension in not judging?  Why do we like to judge?

2. What is the difference between judging and making assessments?

3.  Why is hard for us to ‘give’ mercy to people?

4. What standard do we like to measure people against?  How do we treat people who don’t meet our standard?

5. What is God’s standard? 

6. How has he treated us?

 Download the questions here.