Life Group Questions for March 17, 2013

Luke 6:43-45

What does it mean?

1. How would you summarize Jesus’ and Luke’s flow of thought in 6:20-42?  What are the big ideas and how are they connected?

2. What’s Jesus’ point about no good tree bearing bad fruit?   What is he saying spiritually?

3. What’s Jesus’ point about a bad tree not bearing good fruit?  What is he saying spiritually?

4. What truth does Jesus intend the illustrations about figs and thornbushes, grapes and a bramble bush to convey?

5. Jesus tells us people’s good is “produced” from the “treasure” of their heart?   What does that mean?  Why does Jesus speak to the heart?

6. Why does Jesus connect the evil being produced from an evil person to their evil heart?  What is his point?

7. Finally, Jesus tells us it’s from the “abundance of the heart” that our mouth speaks.  Why again, an emphasis on the “heart”?

8. How would you summarize the big idea of 6:43-45?

9. How does this paragraph connect to what Jesus has said thus far in his sermon (6:20-42)?

How does it apply?

1. Jesus has listed a lot of fruit in 6:20-42.  What are they?  List them.

2. When you evaluate the fruit of your life compared the fruit Jesus describes in Luke 6:20-42, how do you feel?  Why?

3. Jesus unmistakably is encouraging us to be introspective, to evaluate our spiritual lives.  What do you think was Jesus’ and Luke’s objective in talking so much about the fruit of our lives?  What do you think they hoped this self-evaluation would lead to?

4. If we are not motivated to act in a way that Jesus would endorse, what would Jesus want us to do?  Do the right action and hope our heart comes around as a result of our “doing” the right thing?  Or, stop and ask why our heart is not engaged?  Other options?  Explain.

5. When you think back to the spiritual growth you have enjoyed, where you can recognize increased good fruit being produced from your heart, how did that good fruit actually get produced?  What was the process?

6. Can you imagine a church family filled with people who manifest the fruit Jesus describes?  What would it be like? 

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