Life Group Questions for March 10, 2013

Luke 66:39-42

What does it mean?

1. How would you summarize 6:27-38?

2. Jesus tells us this “parable”.  Do you think he has anybody particularly in mind when he references the “blind leader”?  Who?  What made them ”blind”?

3. What does it mean that a “disciple is not above his teacher”?

4. What pit will the leader and follower fall into?

5. What does Jesus imply followers are to do with their leaders?

6. Who is Jesus addressing when he talks about their finding a speck in their brother’s eye while still having a log in their own?

7. What do you think Jesus thinks is the “log’ in the person’s eye?  Is it something specific, or more general?

8. How in one sentence would you summarize Jesus’ point in the account about the speck and the log?

9. What’s the big idea of 6:39-42?

10. How does the big idea of 6:39-42 connect to the big idea of 6:27-38?

How does it apply?

1. Have you ever followed someone who gave you bad advice?  What happened?  (Be careful, no gossip)  How do you feel about that experience now?

2. Have you ever given bad advice, been an inappropriate example to someone who was following you?  What happened?  How do you feel about it now?

3. How do you decide who you are going to follow?

4. Have you ever discovered a “log” in your own eye?  How did you discover it?

5. How do you know when it is not only appropriate, but prudent to assist a fellow believer deal with the speck, or maybe log, that is in their eye?

6. Are there any specks or logs in your eye right now that you are aware of?  Is there anyone in your life that in the love of Jesus that you would trust to help you identify them?

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