Life Group Questions for May 12, 2013

Luke 8:22-25
What does it mean?

1. What was the big idea of 8:4-21?

2. Why does Jesus cross the Sea of Galilee?

3. Why was Jesus sleeping on the boat?

4. What was the disciples' response to the windstorm?  Are they in danger?

5. How does Jesus respond to the storm? and to the disciples?

6. Why does Jesus question their faith in this context?

7. How do the disciples respond to Jesus?

8. Why were the disciples afraid?  Why did they marvel?

How does it apply?

1. Has there been times in your life where you feel like God is “sleeping” on the job?  Share.

2. How have you responded in these moments? What emotions do you associate with those times?

3. What question would Jesus ask you about your faith today?

4. If there were a ‘Fuel for your faith’ gauge, where would yours be at: 1/4 tank, 1/2 tank, 3/4 tank, or full?

5. What helps you grow in your certainty regarding who Jesus is?

Download the questions here