Life Group Questions for May 19, 2013

Luke 8:26-39
What does it mean?

1. What was Luke’s big idea in his account of Jesus calming the storm (8:22-25)?

2. What symptoms does Luke give us of the man being demonized?

3. The demons immediately recognize Jesus, what is their response?

4. Why do you think Jesus gave permission to the demons to go into the pigs?

5. Why did the pigs drown?

6. The herdsmen told the people what Jesus had done.  They found Jesus and the man who had been healed and they were “afraid”.  Of what?

7. Why did the people ask Jesus to leave?

8. Why did the man want to go with Jesus?

9. Why did Jesus send the man home?

10. Why does Luke tell us this story?

How does it apply?

1. Do you believe in demons?  Explain.

2. How do you think demons do their work today?

3. How do Satan and his demons tempt/attack you?

4. How do you respond when you are tempted/attacked?

5. In what ways have you experienced, or are you experiencing Jesus’ healing power?

6. Are you motivated to share what Jesus has done and is doing for you with others?  Explain.

7. What could you do to access more of Jesus’ healing power?

8. Who has shared their experience of healing power of Jesus with you?

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