Life Group Questions for May 26, 2013

Luke 8:40-56
What does it mean?

1. Who is Jairus and what is his problem?

2. On the way to Jairus’ daughter, Jesus has crowd pressing in on him and interacts with a woman.   What does Luke tell us is her problem?

3. The woman touches Jesus’ garment and is healed.  Then Jesus said, “Who was it that touched me?”  Does he really not know who touched him or is he using this question to communicate something else?  Explain using the text.

4. In response to Jesus question, Luke tells us, “When all denied it….”   What did they deny?

5. What finally motivated the woman to identify herself?  Why do you think that is important to Luke to tell us?

6. Luke quotes Jesus as telling her that her faith made her well.  What does Jesus mean by that?

7. While he was interacting with the bleeding woman and crowds after he healed her, one of Jairus’ rulers came up to report that Jairus’ daughter had died.  What does Luke want us to see?  Why did he begin with the story about Jairus’ daughter and then transition to the bleeding woman and then back to Jairus’ daughter?

8. What does Jesus tell Jairus after he hears his daughter is dead?

9. Why do you think Jesus limited who came into the house?

10. When Jesus told them, Do not weep, for she is not dead but sleeping, those in the room laughed.  Why?

11.  What words does Luke use to convey we the readers that she really was dead?

12. Why do you think Jesus told them not to talk about his raising Jairus’ daughter from the dead.

13. In one sentence how would you summarize the big idea of 8:40-56?

How does it apply?

1. Is there any part of these 2 healing accounts that you find hard to believe?  Explain.

2. Luke wants us unmistakably to see Jesus’ healing power.  How have you experienced and seen his healing power?

3. Have you ever been disappointed by Jesus, you prayed for healing for yourself or for someone else and not received it?  Describe what happened.

4. Do you think Jesus wants to heal people today physically?

5. Luke’s point in describing Jesus’ power in physical healings is to get us to recognize Jesus’ power in bringing about spiritual healing.  Nothing bigger.  How have you enjoyed Jesus’ spiritual healing?

6. Where do you still desire spiritual healing?

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