Life Group Questions for September 15, 2013

Luke 9:10-17
What does it mean?

1. What was Luke’s big idea in 9:1-9?

2. The apostles told Jesus “all that they had done”.  What did they do that they told Jesus about?

3. Why does it appear Jesus took the apostles to Bethsaida?

4. What did Jesus do with the crowds?

5. Late in the day, the disciples figure out the crowd will be hungry and suggest to Jesus that he send them away to find food and lodging.  From the way Luke tells the story, what seems to be the disciple’s thinking at this point?

6. Why do you think Jesus tells the disciples, “You give them something to eat”?

7. What does the disciple’s answer, “We have no more than five loaves…” reveal about what they are thinking? About what they are not thinking?

8. Jesus said a blessing and then broke the loaves.  Why?

9. How would you state in one sentence what Luke’s big idea is for this story?

How does it apply? 

1. Is there an area, issue, challenge in your life where you are either losing or have lost hope?  What is it?

2. Do you really believe Jesus has the power and interest to help you with the challenge you are facing?  Explain.

3. What would trusting Jesus more with this issue look like?

4. How could others help you experience Jesus’ power and provision?

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