Life Group Questions for Sept 8, 2013

Sunday, Sept 8, 2013

Luke 1-9

  1. How would you summarize Luke’s flow of big ideas through these 1st eight chapters?
  2. What idea of Luke in these 1st eight chapters has had the greatest impact on your faith?

Luke 9:1-9

  1. What does it mean? When Jesus gave the disciples authority and power over demons and disease, and he sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal. Was proclaiming or healing more important to Jesus? Why do you think?
  2. Why did Jesus instruct the disciples to not take anything with them on their journey?
  3. Why were they to stay in one house?
  4. What do the disciples accomplish by shaking the dust of their feet?
  5. Luke tells us the disciples departed and preached the “gospel”. What exactly at this point are they saying about Jesus? What is the gospel they are preaching at this point in time?
  6. Why do you think Herod wanted to see Jesus?
  7. Why does Luke tell us that Herod wanted to see Jesus? How would you summarize the big idea of Luke 9:1-9?

How does it apply?

  1. What do you think the disciples were feeling when Jesus 1st sent them out to preach and to heal? 
  2. Who has been a representative of Jesus to you who has really helped you to see Jesus? What did they do to help you love Jesus more?
  3. Do you view yourself as a representative of Jesus? Explain.
  4. What prevents you from more boldly speaking and acting on Jesus’ behalf? 
  5. What would help you more boldly speak and act on Jesus’ behalf?

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