Life Group Questions for January 19, 2014

Luke 11:37-54
What does it mean?

1. What is the big idea of 11:29-36?

2. What happened that moved Jesus to rebuke the Pharisee?

3. In 11:39 how would you paraphrase Jesus’ criticism of the Pharisees?

4. What does it mean to “give as alms those things that are within”?  What is Jesus telling the Pharisee he should do?

Jesus gives 6 woes (warnings).  How would you paraphrase each of them?

5. #1 – 11:42

6. #2 – 11:43

7. #3 – 11:44

After 3 woes, a lawyer (scribe) tells Jesus that all the lawyers are also insulted and Jesus adds 3 more “woes”.  How would you paraphrase these?

8. #4 – 11:46

9. #5 – 11:47-51

10. #6 – 11:52

11. Jesus is at dinner at the Pharisee’s home.  Does it strike you that he is being a bit rude to his host?  Explain.

12. How would you summarize Luke’s big idea in this passage, 11:37-54?

13. How does this passage relate to the texts immediately preceding it?

How does it apply?

1. Which of the warnings (woes) Jesus gives strikes the closest to you?

2. Living with integrity is a message promoted throughout all of Scripture.  Is there a part of your life, a context, in which you are most tempted to pretend to present an image of yourself  that is not quite as accurate as it could be?  Explain.

3. Do you ever worry that you don’t know enough of the Bible as you should, or that you are not as mature in your faith as you think you should be?  Explain.  What impact does that have on your relationships within the church family.

4. Are there people in your life that know you well enough that they could identify when you are not being as genuine as you could be?  Do you think they would be comfortable pointing that out to you?

5. Why do you think it’s so important to Jesus that we live with integrity, that the inside of our lives match the outside?

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