Life Group Questions for February 2, 2014

Luke 12:1-12
What does it mean?

1. How would you summarize Luke’s flow of thought from 11:14-54?

2. How would you describe what the “leaven of the Pharisees” is?

3. Why does Jesus tell the disciples that nothing will be hidden, all will be revealed?  What’s His point?

4. According to Jesus, why shouldn’t we fear people who can kill us?

5. Who is the “him” that we are to fear?  Why should we fear “him”?

6. After telling us to fear God, then Jesus tells us to, “Fear not”.  Why are we not supposed to fear?

7. Jesus is telling us to fear and then not to fear.  What is he saying?

8. What is the liability of denying Jesus before men?  What is the benefit of acknowledging Jesus before men?

9. How does denying or acknowledging Jesus relate to fearing Him?

10. What does Jesus mean by blaspheming against the Holy Spirit?

11. Why should we not be afraid if authorities question us about Jesus?

12. How would you summarize Luke’s big idea in 12:1-12?

How does it apply?

1. How conscious are you throughout your typical day that everything you think and do will one day be revealed?  How does that make you feel?  Explain.

2. Have you ever been afraid of God?  When?  What did you do as a result of your fear?

3. Are you afraid of God now?  If yes, in what sense?  Describe.

4. Do you think God wants us to still fear Him after we come to treasure Jesus?   Why or why not?  If yes, in what sense?

5. Jesus said, “Fear not”.  What does He want us to not be afraid of?

6. Are you ever tempted to not speak up for Jesus when given the opportunity?  Why do you think?

7. What have you found has built your confidence to verbally affirm Jesus with others?

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