Life Group Questions for January 12, 2014

Luke 11:29-36
What does it mean?

1. How would you summarize 11:1-28?

2. What is evil about seeking a sign from Jesus?

3. Why doesn’t Jesus want to give them a sign?

4. What is the sign of Jonah?

5. Who is the queen of the South?  Why will she condemn that generation?

6. Why will the folks from Nineveh condemn that generation?

7. What or who is greater than Solomon and Jonah?  Why is that relevant here?

8. What is the big idea of 11:29-32?

9. To whom or what does lamp refer in 11:33?

10. In what sense is the eye the “lamp of the body”?

11. In what sense (11:35) can the light in us be darkness?  What is Jesus’ point?

12. What practically is the result of our body being full of light (11:36)?

13. How would you summarize what Jesus is saying here (11:29-36)?

How does it apply?

1. What do you think keeps so many people from treasuring Jesus?

2. What objective evidence would you point to that authenticates the reality of who Jesus is?

3. What evidence has been most helpful in encouraging you to treasure Christ?

4. What questions do you still have that if answered would encourage you to trust Jesus more fully?

5. In whom have you seen the light of Jesus shine brightly?  How have they influenced your faith?

6. What sort of light do you hope shines out of you because the light of Jesus dwells in you?

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