Life Group Questions for October 19, 2014

Luke 17:22-37
What does it mean?

1. What’s the big idea of 17:20-21?

2. What’s the significance of Jesus directly addressing the disciples in 17:22-37, not the Pharisees?

3. What specifically are the “days of the Son of Man” that they will desire to see, but will not be able to see?

4. How does Jesus describe what it will be like on that day when the Son of Man is revealed?

5. Jesus says He must suffer many things and be rejected by “this generation”.  To what is He referring?

6. In what ways are the days of Noah going to be like Jesus’ return?  In what ways are the days of Lot going to be like Jesus’ return?

7. Why on that day are folks not supposed to go get their goods in the house or turn back?

8. How by losing our lives do we keep them?  What does it mean to “lose” our life?

9. When Jesus returns one is taken and one is left.  Who is taken and who is left?

10. In 17:37, the disciples ask, “Where Lord?”   What are they asking?

11. How would you paraphrase the big idea of 17:22-37?

12. How do you think the kingdom of God as a present reality described in 17:20-21, will be different from the kingdom when it is consummated at Jesus’ return?

How does it apply?

1. How are you presently experiencing the kingdom of God?

2. How are you seeing the kingdom of God presently manifest?

3. How much time do you spend thinking about Jesus’ return?  Explain.

4. When you think about Jesus’ return, what specifically do you think about?

5. When you think about Jesus’ return, what emotions do you experience?

6. How does your thinking about Jesus’ return impact the way you live today?  Explain.