Life Group Questions for October 5, 2014

Luke 17:11-19
What does it mean?
  1. Why did the lepers stand “at a distance”?
  2. What was the leper’s request?
  3. What was Jesus’ response to the lepers?
  4. Why did Jesus send them to the priests?
  5. When were they healed?
  6. How would you summarize the response of the one who returned to Jesus?
  7. Why does Jesus ask where the other 9 are?
  8. What’s the relevance of one who returned to Jesus being a “foreigner”, a “Samaritan”?
  9. The ESV translates 17:19b as,” your faith has made you well”.  It could also be translated, “your faith has saved you”.  Does that change your understanding of what Jesus might be saying?
  10. How close to Jesus did the Samaritan get after he was healed? Any significance?
  11. Do you think Jesus is saying the Samaritan’s faith was the basis of his physical healing, or, is Jesus saying he received spiritual healing because of his faith?  Explain.
  12. What was the basis of the other 9’s physical healing according to Luke?  Was it their faith?  What does Luke say?
  13. What do you think is the big idea of 17:11-19?
How does it apply?
  1. Have you ever known anyone that didn’t seem grateful for the general blessings they have received?  (No names or gossip.)  Why do you think they missed them?
  2. How generous has God been to you?  Do you ever feel as though you overlook God’s generosity?  Explain.
  3. How does your experience of God’s general blessings to you relate to your faith?
  4. When did you first come to faith?
  5. How did you feel, when you realized that faith, and faith alone is all that is necessary to be “saved” by Jesus?
  6. How do you feel now about your salvation having been received through faith?  Have you gotten more excited?  Less?  About the same as when you first trusted Jesus?  Explain.