Life Group Questions for November 2, 2014

Luke 18:9-14
What does it mean?

1. To whom does Luke tell us Jesus told this parable?  Why is that relevant?

2. How did the Pharisee stand?  What’s the significance?

3. What was the essence of the Pharisee’s prayer?

4. How did the tax collector stand?  What’s the significance?

5. What was the essence of the publican’s prayer?

6. What are the similarities between the two men’s prayers?

7. What are the differences between the two men’s prayers?

8. What about the tax collector’s prayer led Jesus to say he went home “justified”?

9. What about the Pharisee’s prayer led Jesus to imply that the Pharisee was not “justified”?

10. What does it mean to “exalt oneself”?  What does it mean to “humble oneself”?

11. When will folks ultimately be either exalted or humbled?

12. How, in one sentence would you summarize Jesus’ big idea in these verses?

How does it apply?

1. Have you ever felt like the tax collector?  When?  What circumstances, people led to you to experience the depth of your sin?

2. If you have never felt like the tax collector, why not?

3. Is it essential for someone to feel like the tax collector before they can be saved?  Explain.

4. Do you find it difficult to acknowledge your sin to others?  Why do you think?

5. Do you compare your spiritual life with others?   Why?

6. If you spiritually compare yourself with others, are you mostly encouraged or discouraged?  Explain.

7. Though it’s not appropriate to articulate, have you ever felt spiritually superior to others?   Is that good or bad?  Explain.

8. Should we ever compare ourselves to others?  Why or why not?