Life Group Questions for October 12, 2014

Luke 17:20-21
What does it mean?

1. Read Luke 17:11-21.  Coming out of last week’s text (17:11-19), does it seem a strange question?  Why or why not.   How might it relate to Luke 16:29-31?

2. Are the Pharisees trying to trip him up with their question?  What indicators would you point to in the context?

3. How would you define the “Kingdom of God”?

4. Based on Jesus’ response in v. 20, what can we infer about the Pharisees’ view of the Kingdom?

5. Is the healing of the 10 lepers a sign that the kingdom had come?  Why or why not?

6. Notice that the Kingdom of God is the subject of both verses.  What can we learn from each about the kingdom?

7. What does Jesus mean by ‘in the midst of you’? 

How does it apply?

1. What are the typical indicators in our culture that someone has power, authority, and influence?

2. How do you see those cultural indicators having an influence on the way the church thinks about and displays power, authority, and influence?

3. What does the Kingdom of God look like, what are its signs, in your life?

4. How can we have more of God’s kingdom in the midst of us?