Life Group Questions for Nov. 23, 2014

Luke 18:31-34
What does it mean?

 1. What’s the big idea of 18:18-31?

2. What do you know that was predicted in the Old Testament that was fulfilled in Jesus’ death and resurrection?

3. If Jesus’ death was predicted in the Old Testament, who planned it?

4. Why does Jesus want the disciples to understand that His death was planned?

5. What does Jesus say will happen to Him in Jerusalem?  There are 6 verbs in 18:33-34.

6. In what sense did they not understand what Jesus was saying?

7. In what way was what Jesus said “hidden” from the disciples?

8. Why do you think Luke includes this prophesy about Jesus’ death?

How does it apply?

1. Where does your mind go when you consider that God planned the death of Jesus?

2. How does it make you feel knowing God designed Jesus’ death?

3. When did you first begin to grasp the significance of the death of Jesus?  What caused you to think about it?

4. When did your understanding the significance of Jesus’ death move you to trust Him for the forgiveness of your sins?

5. How did your life change after you came to treasure Jesus?

6. What difference does loving the resurrected Jesus make in your day to day life?