Life Group Questions for November 30, 2014

Luke 18:35-43

What does it mean?

1. How would summarize Luke’s big idea in 18:31-34?
2. What alerted the blind man’s attention to Jesus?
3. Why do you think the blind man referred to Jesus as the “Son of David”?  
4. Why did people rebuke the blind man for calling gout to Jesus?
5. What response did the blind man have to the rebuke he received?
6. The blind man asked for his sight to be restored, and Jesus told him, “your faith has made you well”.  The word translated “well” could also be translate “saved”.  Does that change the possible sense of what Jesus is saying to the blind man?  How?
7. What was the blind man’s response after he received his sight?
8. What do you think Luke’s big idea is in this narrative?

How does it apply?

1. When did you first really “see” Jesus for who he is?
2. What happened that allowed you to “see” Jesus?
3. What was your response to “seeing” Jesus?
4. Why do you think more people don’t “see” Jesus for who he really is?
5. What would enable you to “see” Jesus even more clearly?
6. What motivates you to help others “see” Jesus more clearly?
7. What do you do in order to help others “see Jesus more clearly?