Life Group Questions for Nov. 9, 2014

Luke 18:15-18
What does it mean?

1. What’s the big idea of 18:9-14?

2. Why were the children being brought to Jesus?

3. Why were the disciples preventing the children from coming to Jesus?

4. Why did Jesus allow the kids to come to Him?

5. Jesus says we must “receive the kingdom like a child”.  How like a child?

6. What’s the consequence of not being able to “receive the kingdom like a child”?

7. How would you summarize the big idea of 18:15-18?

 How does it apply?

1. In what ways do you think Jesus wants us to be like kids?

2. In what ways do you think Jesus doesn’t want us to be like kids?

3. Kids are born trusting.  As adults where is our trust in God to be founded?

4. Kids are trusting, how is their trust manifest?

5. What’s the evidence that we trust God?

6. What has helped you trust God more?