Life Group Questions for Feb. 23, 2014

Luke 12:35-48
What does it mean?

1. What was Luke’s flow of thought from 12:1-34?

2. How does v. 35-48 flow out of what has come before?

3. In the first story from v. 35-38, who does the master represent?

4. What is expected of the servants?

5. Why do the servants, in v. 37 and 38 receive a blessing and what does the blessing consist of?

6. In v. 39-40, what is the master of the house expected to do and why?

7. Who does the thief represent?

8. Could the story work without v. 39?  Why does Luke include it? 

9. How does Jesus answer Peter’s question?

10. In the second story from v. 42-48, who does the manager represent? Who does the master represent? Who does the servant represent?

11. What consequences await the manager depending on his choice?

12. What is Jesus’ point in describing the punishments?

13. What are the two main ideas that are communicated from v.35-48?

How does it apply?

1. Can you recall a time in your life when you were unprepared for a situation when you should have been ready?  Describe how you felt.

2. Has your boss ever left work for an extended amount of time?  Did the workplace change while they were gone? Explain.

3. When you think of Christ’s return what come to mind?  Is this exciting, fearful, vague? Explain.

4. How might you live differently if you knew that Jesus was coming back before the end of 2014? What is keeping you from living that way now?

5. Are you more motivated by the blessing of Jesus’ return or the horror of hell? Explain.

6. What does preparing for Jesus’ return look like at RCC?

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