Life Group Questions for Apirl 27, 2014

Luke 14:15-24
What does it mean?

1. This story is the third story Jesus told at the synagogue ruler’s house.  How would you summarize the first two stories – 14:7-11, and 14:12-14?

2. Who would likely have been reclining at the table with Jesus and the synagogue ruler?  Who is Jesus’ immediate audience for these stories?

3. What does, “Blessed is everyone who will eat bread in the kingdom of God” mean? 

4. Does the comment give any indication of the kingdom of God as a present reality (eating bread with the Christ), or only a future reality?

5. Based on the audience at the table, would this man likely have believed himself to be in that company of people celebrating in the kingdom of God?

6. From the details that Luke gives us, what can we infer about the man who threw this great banquet? 

7. What can we gather about the original invitees who ask to be excused, or simply state they cannot come?

8. Why is the master of the house ‘angry?’ 

9. What does the master’s expansion of the guest list communicate about him, his banquet, and his commitment to his plans?

How does it apply?

1. What does the word ‘blessed’ mean to you?  What feelings come up when you hear/read it?

2. What does God’s generosity look like in your life?  What percentage of God’s generosity do you think we really recognize and celebrate?  How can we see it more clearly?

3. If you already recognize and trust Jesus and His generosity, what are the excuses that keep you from enjoying His generosity more fully?  How do you address those excuses?

4. How does the celebration of God’s generosity get expressed in       your life?  

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