Life Group Questions for May 4, 2014

Luke 14:25-35
What does it mean?
  1. How would you summarize the parable of the Great Banquet – 14:15-24?
  2. In this story, who is Jesus’ audience?  
  3. What is the connection between the parable and this teaching of Jesus? 
  4. What does Jesus mean by ‘hate’ in v.25?  What do the people listed have in common?
  5. In 14:36, what does it mean to ‘come to Jesus?’  Is that different from ’Come after me’ in v.27?  Is that different from ’be my disciple’ in v.26 and v.27?  What is the difference?   
  6. What does Jesus mean by ‘bear his own cross’ in v.27?
  7. What is the point Jesus is making with the illustrations of the tower and the war?  What are the factors to be considered in construction, war, following Jesus? 
  8. What does it mean to renounce all that we have? 
  9. What is the connection between vs. 25-33 and vs. 34-35? 
  10. What is being compared to salt-less salt? 
How does it apply?
  1. When did you first begin to follow Jesus?  Were you encouraged, as in this passage, to consider the cost?  If you haven’t yet made  that decision, what do you think about the cost?
  2. What comes into your mind when you hear the phrase ‘the cost of following Jesus’?  
  3. What are the obstacles in your life to a more whole-hearted pursuit of Jesus?
  4. Who do you look to today who demonstrates a whole-hearted pursuit of Jesus?  How does it get expressed?  How can we learn from it?