Life Group Questions for May 25, 2014

Luke 15:11-32
What does it mean?

 1. What is the historical context in which Jesus tells this parable?  (15:1-2)

2. How would the father have felt when his son asked for his inheritance?

3. How do you think the father felt while his son was gone?

4. When he first saw his son return, what emotions did he experience?

5. How do you think the father felt when he learned his older son wouldn’t come into the party for the younger brother?

6. How would you describe the older brother’s attitude?

7. How would you paraphrase the father’s invitation to the older brother?

8. What characteristic of the father as he is described most strikes you?

9. How would you describe what Jesus wants us to see about the Heavenly father from this parable?

How does it apply?

1. When did you first come to really grasp the magnitude of God’s love for you?  What happened?

2. Who has most expressed the unconditional love of God to you?  How have they expressed it?

3. When you look back, what impact has your experiencing God’s unconditional love had on you?  What difference has it made?  What difference does it make?

4. Are there times when you doubt God’s love for you?  What causes you to doubt?  What do you do when you doubt?

5. How does your experience of God’s unconditional love flow out of you to others?

6. Do you sometimes find it difficult to express the love you have received from God to others?  Why do you think?

7. Is there anything you could do to more fully experience God’s love?