Life Group Questions for May 11th

Luke 15:1-10
What does it mean?

 1. How would you summarize chapter 14?

2. What prompts Jesus to tell these parables?

3. Why does the shepherd leave the 99?

4. Why does the shepherd gather his friends and neighbors?

5. What’s the basis of more joy in heaven?

6. What’s Jesus’ message in this parable?

7. Why does the woman call together her friends and neighbors? 

8. What’s the reason for the joy before the angels of God?

9. What’s Jesus point in this parable?  Is it the same as the parable of the lost sheep?

How does it apply?

1. Do you think of God being deliriously happy, of Him initiating a celebration in heaven, when you came to treasure Christ (repent)?  Explain.

2. What do you think Jesus hopes we would feel when we read these parables?

3. How has God sought you?   In other words, what people and circumstances has God used to bring you to trust Him?

4. Do you have a desire to pursue relationships with those yet to treasure Jesus with the hope of introducing them to Him?   Explain.

5. Has your church experience encouraged you to be in relationship with those yet to believe in order to introduce them to Jesus?  Why or why not?