Life Group Questions for Sept. 28, 2014

Luke 17:1-10

What does it mean?

1. How would you paraphrase what Jesus is saying in 17:1?

2. What is Jesus’ point about the millstone?

3. Why are they to “pay attention” to themselves?  What are they to “pay attention” to?

4. Who are we supposed to forgive?  Why does Jesus talk about forgiving someone who sins against us 7 times in the same day?

5. Why do the disciples ask for their faith to be increased?

6. What is Jesus saying in his reference to the faith like a grain of a mustard seed?

7. Jesus talks about a servant doing his job.  Why doesn’t the servant get thanked for doing his job?

8. Put 17:10 into your own words. 

9. How would you summarize the big idea of 17:1-10?


How does it apply?

1. What sins are you most tempted by?

2. Have you been hurt by the sins of others?  Do you think they were aware of how their sins affected you?  (No gossip)

3. Are you still holding a grudge against anyone who has hurt you?

4. How do you think your holding a grudge is related to your faith?

What would help you be more forgiving?

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