Life Group Questions for September 7, 2014

Luke 16:1-13
What does it mean?

1. How would you summarize Luke’s flow of thought in the first 15 chapters?

2. To whom specifically does Jesus address this parable?  Why is that relevant?

3. What did the manager do wrong?

4. What was the rich man’s response to the manager’s wrong doing?

5. How did the manger respond to being fired?

6. How did the rich man respond to the manager’s cutting the debt of those who owed him?  Does the rich man’s response surprise you?  Explain.

7. The rich man commended the dishonest manager for his “shrewdness”.  In your own words, what was it that the rich man actually commended the dishonest manager?  What is shrewdness?

8. Who are the “sons of this world”, and what are they better at than the “sons of light”?  What is Jesus saying?

9. How and why are we to make friends by use of our “unrighteous wealth”?

10. What is Jesus’ point about being faithful in little or faithful in much?

11. Why does Jesus emphasize our inability to serve “God and money”?

12. What’s the big idea of this parable?

How does it apply?

1. How do you feel getting back into Luke?

2. What things, people, issues are you motivated to think about “shrewdly”?  Explain.

3. Who do you know that thinks “shrewdly” about spiritual issues?  What do you sense motivates them?

4. What would motivate you to think more “shrewdly” about spiritual things?

5. Why do you think Jesus talks so much about money in the context of thinking “shrewdly”?

6. When you examine your view and use of money, what conclusions do you reach?  How do you feel?

7. What do you believe Jesus wants you to take away from this parable?