Life Group Questions for Jan. 18, 2015

Luke 19:28-44
What does it mean?

1. What’s the big idea of 19:11-27?

2. Why doses Jesus ask them to procure a colt?

3. Why does Luke go into so much detail in regards to how the colt was found?

4. Who specifically was rejoicing as Jesus neared Jerusalem?

5. How would you paraphrase the essence of the praise of the people?

6. What did the Pharisees expect Jesus (v.39) to rebuke His disciples for?  What in their minds were the disciples doing that was inappropriate?

7. What’s Jesus’ point about the stones crying out?  What would they cry?

8. What’s the big idea of these verses, 19:28-40?

9. Why did Jesus weep as he looked at Jerusalem?

10. What is it that the Jew’s enemies are going to do to them?

11. Why, according to Jesus, are their enemies allowed to do this?

12. Why do you think Luke places Jesus’ weeping over Jerusalem immediately following Jesus’ celebrated entrance into Jerusalem?

How does it apply?

1. When was it you first really recognized Jesus as the “King” ( No offence to Elvis or Michael Jackson)?

2. How did you feel when you figured out who Jesus is?

3. Has your understanding, experience, and celebration of Jesus as King continued to grow since you first embraced Him?  Why or why not?

4. While you enjoy, celebrate and find happiness in Jesus, do you also grieve for those you know who don’t yet love Jesus?  Why do you think?

5. If you live with this mix of emotion, joy in Jesus, yet at the same time also grieving for those who don’t love Him, how do you maintain a healthy spiritual and emotional balance?

6. What application do you feel like this passage has for you?