Life Group Questions for January 25, 2015


What does it mean?
1. What was the big idea of 19:28-44?
2. Why did Jesus drive out those who were selling?  In your own words?
3. How would you describe the tension between Jesus and the Jewish leaders (19:47-48)?  What’s going on?
4. What was the essence of the Jewish leader’s question to Jesus (20:2)?  Do you think they knew the answer before they asked?  Explain.
5. What is the essence of Jesus’ question to the Jewish leaders (20:4)?  Why do you think Jesus doesn’t directly answer their question?
6. Why did the Jewish leaders refuse to answer Jesus’ question?  What do we learn about the Jewish leaders from their refusal to answer?
7. Why does Luke tell us that Jesus refused to answer their question?
8. How would you summarize the parable (20:9-18) in your own words?
9. Who does the owner represent? The tenants? The messenger? The son? The “others” (20:16)?
10. In response to the parable those who heard responded, “Surely not!”  Surely not what?
11. Why do you think Jesus quotes Psalm 118 (20:17)?
12. What was Jesus attempting to convey in this parable?  The big idea?
13. How do these 3 paragraphs (19:45-48, 20:1-8, 20:9-18), connect to one another?   
How does it apply?
1. How is our church building related to the temple of Jesus’ day?  Similarities?  Differences?
2. Have you ever been a part of a church where someone seemed to be promoting their personal interests instead of Jesus?  Explain.  Be appropriate.  No gossip.
3. Have you ever been tempted to use your involvement with the church for personal gain?  Explain.
4. When you come to worship at our RCC campus, what are you usually feeling?  What are you usually thinking about?
5. Have you known some who just refuse to consider Jesus as God, as the Savior?  What do you think keeps them from considering and accepting Jesus for who He is?
6. What motivated you to treasure Jesus?