Life Group Questions for Feb. 2, 2015

Luke 20:19-26

What does it mean?

  1. What has been Luke’s flow of thought since Jesus got to Jerusalem (19:28-20:18)?  What are Luke’s big ideas?
  2. What were the chief priests and scribes feeling about Jesus? 
  3. What did they do try to trap Jesus?
  4. When the Jewish leader’s asked Jesus, “Is it lawful for us to give tribute to Caesar or not”, what were they hoping would be Jesus’ response? What other possible answer could Jesus have given that would have gotten him into trouble?
  5. Why do you think Jesus tells them to show him a denarius?
  6. Jesus tells them to, “render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s”.  What belongs to Caesar?
  7. Jesus tells them to “render…to God the things that are God’s”.  What belongs to God?
  8. What does Jesus mean when he says, “render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to god the things that are God’s”?
  9. What was there response to Jesus’ answer?
  10. How would you summarize the big idea of 20:19-26?

How does it apply?

  1. Even while his enemies were attacking Jesus, he was always in control.  Do you feel like Jesus is still in control?  How do you see that reflected in your approach to life?
  2. Jesus never gets outwitted.  He is the smartest guy ever.  What words of Jesus that have been recorded by Luke have you found to be the most meaningful?  Inspiring?
  3. How does your faith impact your view of our government?
  4. How does your treasuring Jesus affect your view of taxes?
  5. How do you think Jesus hopes, as those who treasure him above all else, we will think, feel and deal with our taxes and government?