Life Group Questions for January 11, 2015

Luke 19:11-27
What does it mean?

1. Luke begins this narrative account by saying, “As they heard these things…”   Who are “they”?  And what had they heard?

2. Why does Luke tell us Jesus tells this parable?

3. Why did the nobleman go to another country?

4. The nobleman called 10 servants, what did he ask them to do?

5. Why does he mention the citizens sending a delegation?

6. When the nobleman (now a king) returns he calls his servants to him and asks them what they have done with the minas he gave them.  What’s the point with the first two who returned 10 and 5 minas respectively?

7. The 3rd servant hides his mina in his handkerchief.  Why does he say he hid it?

8. In what sense does the king “condemn” the servant “with his own words”?  Was the servant really afraid?

9. The king has the mina taken from the 3rd servant and given to the 1st with 10.  Why?  What’s Jesus’ point?

10. In the story who are the “enemies” of the king that he has slaughtered?  Is the 3rd servant who lost his mina included in those who are “enemies” of the king?  Explain from the text.

11. Lots of themes in this section, how would you summarize the big idea?

How does it apply?

 1. What resources (time, treasures and talents) has Jesus given you?

2. What principle or principles about using the resources God has given us do you see in this text?

3. If Jesus returned tomorrow, would he give you even more resources?  Why do you think?

4. What motivates you to use your resources for Jesus?

5. If you knew someone who was not motivated to use their resources for God’s glory, how would you counsel them?