Life Group Questions for Dec. 6, 2015

Hebrews 5:11-14

What does it mean?

1. How would you summarize the big idea of 5:1-10?

2. About what does the author have much to say?

3. What about “this” makes it hard to explain?

4. What does it mean that they have become “dull of hearing”?  Be as precise as you can and is warranted.

5. In what sense ought they to be “teachers”?

6. What are the basic principles of the oracles of God that they still need to be taught?

7. What’s the difference between milk and solid food according to the author?

8. How would you paraphrase the spiritual maturity of someone who still needs milk?

9. what’s the benefit of eating solid spiritual food?

10. How would you paraphrase the big idea of 5:11-14?

How does it apply?

1. When you, as a new follower of Christ, were drinking spiritual milk, how did you receive it?

2. When you look back, when did you start consuming solid spiritual food?   How did you begin to eat spiritual solid food?  What was the process?

3. What are the benefits you enjoy from eating solid spiritual food?

4. Have you ever found eating solid spiritual food frustrating?   Boring?   Explain.

5. What have you found to be an effective way to feed others spiritual milk, spiritual solid food?

6. What would help you consume more spiritual solid food?

7. What would help you more confidently feed others?

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