Life Group Questions for February 22, 2015

Luke 21:5-33

What does it mean?

1. Where is Jesus at the beginning of chapter 21?  What is being said about the temple in v. 5?

2. What does Jesus say about the temple in v. 6?  What reactions do you imagine from His audience?

3. How does Luke recount their reaction?  Summarize their question.

4. From v. 8 to v.11 Jesus describes some of the events that are NOT warning signs of the destruction he warned of in v.6.  Why begin with what are not the signs? 

5. He then describes persecution of His followers which will also NOT be a sign of the end.  How will Jesus give His followers ‘a mouth and wisdom’ for these times?  How do you reconcile Jesus’ statements in v. 16 and v. 18? 

6. In vs. 20-24, Jesus describes the destruction of the city of Jerusalem (not just the temple!).  What does Jesus say about the fate of the Jewish people?  Do we know how long the ’times of the gentiles’ are? 

7. Describe in your own words the difference between the events of vs. 8-12 which are not signs of the end, and the events of vs. 25-26 which are signs of the end? 

8. Jesus talks about the coming of the Son of Man with power and great glory and the proper response for those who are waiting for Him.  With just one word, summarize the responses described in v. 28.  What one word would you choose for the response described in vs. 29-31?

9. To whom does the phrase ‘this generation’ refer, in v. 32?

10. Describe the hope expressed in v. 33.

How does it apply?

1. When the difficulties of life come, how well prepared do you feel?  What’s your typical response?

2. What are the things that it would be difficult to lose and still retain your faith in Christ and in His care for you?

3. How could a text like this one change the way we see the news?  The way we feel about the news?

4. How could Jesus give us ‘a mouth and wisdom’ to speak when we are being persecuted?  How could we prepare?  How should we not prepare?

5. What are some God-honoring responses to the relative peace, calm, and freedom from persecution that we enjoy?