Life Group Questions for March 15, 2015

Luke 22:31-38

What does it mean?

1. In what sense did Satan “demand” to have the disciples? To whom does Satan make the demand?

2. Jesus prayed that Simon’s faith would not fail?  He ends up denying Jesus. Fail how?

3. Jesus tells Peter that when he “turns again” he should strengthen his brothers?  Turn when?  Turn how?  How was he supposed to strengthen his brothers?

4. Peter boldly assures Jesus he wouldn’t ever deny him.  What do you think he was thinking and feeling?

5. Why does Jesus reaffirm that in fact Simone will deny him?  3 times?

6. How would you summarize the big idea of 22:31-34?

7. What’s Jesus’ point in 22:35?  Why didn’t they need to take anything with them?

8. Now they are supposed to take provisions with them.  Why? (Hint:  answer is in 22:37)

9. Why are they supposed to take a sword along with their moneybag and knapsack?

10. What’s Luke’s big idea in 22:35-38?

How does it apply?

1. Have there been times when your faith in Jesus has been tested and you responded like Peter?  What happened?  How did you respond?

2. How do you recognize that your faith is being challenged?  What are the symptoms?

3. When, like Peter, you have responded with less than a wholehearted faith, how did you end up feeling?  What did you do?

4. What have you found that encourages your faith in times when doubts have crept in?

5. Who do you know whose faith has encouraged your faith?  How?

6. What do you think would encourage your faith now?