Life Group Questions for March 22, 2015

Luke 22:39-62

What does it mean? 

Luke 22:39-46

1. Jesus encourages the disciples to pray that they would “not enter into temptation”.  What specifically are they to pray for?

2. How would you paraphrase Jesus’ prayer?  What was His request?

3. Why did the angel show up?

4. Why was Jesus in agony?

5. Why does Luke tell us the disciples were sleeping?

Luke 22:47-53

6. Why do you think Jesus asks Judas about betraying Him with a kiss?

7. One of the disciples cuts off the ear of one of the captors, how would you summarize Jesus’ comments to the disciples?

8. How would you paraphrase what Jesus said to the chief priests,  the officers of the temple, and the elders (22:52-53)?

Luke 22:54-62

9. From the gospel of John we know Peter was the one who cut off the ear, now he denies that he knows Jesus.  How do you explain the radically different responses?

10. What kind of look do you think Jesus gave Peter?

11. How would you describe what Peter was feeling after Jesus looked at him?

How does it apply?

 1. How do you feel when you ponder the agony Jesus experienced before His crucifixion?

2. Are there times when it’s harder than others for you to trust God?  Describe the circumstances.

3. How do you battle the temptation to not trust God?  Is prayer a part of your battling?  Explain.

4. Is there a way that you tend to “deny” that you know Jesus?  Explain.

5. How has God encouraged you when you have been doubting Him?

6. How would you like God to encourage your faith now?