Life Group Questions for April 26, 2015

Luke 24:50-53

What does it mean?

 1. How would you summarize what Jesus said in 24:36-49?

2. What did Jesus do when He blessed them?

3. Luke tells us they worshipped Jesus.  What is the essence of worship?  What did they do?

4. Why do you think Luke tells us that they went to Jerusalem “with great joy”?

5. The last thing Luke tells us is that they “were continually in the temple blessing God”.  What were they doing?

6. How would you summarize what Luke tells us in 24:50-53?

7. Why do you think Luke ends his gospel this way?

How does it apply? 

1. How would you describe what worship is?

2. What seems to motivate you to worship God?

3. What does it feel like when you worship?

4. What are the most meaningful expressions of worship for you?

5. Is our joy related to our worship?  How?

6. What’s the greatest challenge to your joy in Jesus?

7. What’s the greatest catalyst to your joy in Jesus?

8. How has Luke most increased your certainty in Jesus?